The Maltese Bodkin by David Belke

Performance: April 23, 2019 - Arts & Culture Centre

2019 Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Drama Festival

To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday on April 23, 1564, St. John's Players presents a fantasy romp through his plays. The Maltese Bodkin is an entertaining casserole. The recipe - Take Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon, drop him in a world of Shakespearean characters and stir. The result - a comedy mystery with a Shakespearean twist. Times were tough for hard-boiled detective Birnam Wood. He never asked to be in London, especially in 1605. When Wood's Partner, Archie, is killed, he takes on the case that his partner worked before his untimely death. Wood hopes it will lead him to solve the mystery of who killed Archie and why. He has to find the killer amongst a cast of suspects that includes Viola, Richard III, Falstaff, Iago, Mercutio and a merchant from Venice. The real solution to the mystery, however, seems to be in discovering the secret behind a mysterious dagger known as the Maltese Bodkin. The worlds of detective fiction and Shakespeare collide in this “who hath done it. ”

“Ingenious and entertaining.” — Edmonton Sun

  • Birnam Wood - Andrew Halliday
  • Charlotte - Sandra Mills
  • Antonio - Sean Collins
  • Viola Da Messaline - Anna Stassis
  • Iago - Brandon Hillier
  • Mistress Nell Quickly - Fiona Andersen
  • Sir John Falstaff - Jim Healey
  • Mercutio of Verona - Colin O'Keefe
  • Sir Richard Ratcliff - Jon Aylward
  • Sir William Catesby - Evan Maddick
  • Puck - Erica Foot
  • Donalbain - Jon Aylward
  • Sergeant Fang - Harry Clarke
  • Prospero - Morris Hodder
  • Richard, Duke of Gloucester - Sean Collins
  • Rosencrantz - Patrick Dawson
  • Guildenstern - Lucas Ings-Simms
  • Sebastian - Joshua Tucker
  • Director - Louise Kearley
  • Stage Manager - Jackie Hibbs
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Jacqueline Raymond-Ottenheimer
  • Sound - Kathryn Burke
  • Lights - Reg Hoskins
  • Production Manager - Eileen Doyle
  • Costumes - Beth Sparkes & Jenelle Welshman
  • Props - Mike O'Keefe, Howard Cheeseman & Sandi Mercer
  • Makeup - TBA
  • Set Crew - Mike O'Keefe, Howard Cheeseman
  • Set Paintings/Backdrops - Howard Cheeseman
  • Set Construction - Freeman Mercer
  • Set Decoration - Natasha Pinsent