The Why by Victor Kaufold

Arts and Culture Center - Barbara Barrett Theatre - March 5-7, 2015

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A fast-paced tragicomedy; one part modern satire, one part honest investigation. The central story concerns Robert, an American teenager guilty of murdering three of his classmates in what has come to be referred to as a school shooting. Spliced among the dramatic exchanges between Robert and his assigned social worker, a parade of fantastical stereotypes storms in and out, creating a dichotomy between moments of hilarity and sorrow. Confronted by disturbingly accurate exaggerations of the tabloid-like modern media, the audience is made to laugh, and then question that laughter.

  • Robert, Frankie & The Why - Jeremie Monette
  • David, Walt, Tough Cop, Mr. Evade & Eddie Vedder - Edward Goobie
  • Jed, Howard, Alec & Zack - Josh Collier
  • Alan, Gunguy, Sheriff, Mitch & The Why - Christopher Dunn
  • Cheryl, Mrs. Evade & Theorist 1 - Catherine Torraville
  • Sara, Theorist 2, Journalist & The Why - Brittany King
  • Robber, Kelly, Gungirl & The Why - Alanah Mackenzie Whiteway
  • Directors - Sarah Carter & Mike Vokey
  • Producer - Jim Healey
  • Stage Manager - Jamie-Leigh Sheehan
  • Lighting - Sheldon Downey
  • Sound - Elizabeth Ivy
  • Costumes - Rose Kearley (Casey)
  • Backstage Crew - Howard Cheeseman & Mike O'Keefe
  • Publicity - Shirley Sellars
  • Poster Design - David Sturge