Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte

Arts and Culture Center - Barbara Barrett Basement Theatre - November 8-11, 2016

Reviews:     The Telegram

Set during the First World War, Mary's Wedding is a powerful, historical play from Canadian playwright Stephen Massicotte. It tells the tale of Mary, a young girl transplanted from England to the "wilds of the Canadas" and Charlie, a local farm boy. A cautious love blooms when they unexpectedly find one another taking shelter in a barn during a thunderstorm ... the world, however, is on the brink of war!

Through flashbacks of moments in their budding relationship, Charlie's tour of duty during the war and the bloody Battle of Moreuil Wood, we gain insight into the suffering and sacrifice many of our families made for the love of country. Mary's Wedding captures a time of innocence and courage with rare sensitivity and beauty. It is a wonderfully tender, moving story of innocent first love at the mercy of fate.

  • Mary / Flowers - Kayla Lynn Lewis
  • Charlie - Mike Vokey
  • Director - Sarah Carter
  • Producer - Jim Healey
  • Stage Manager - Stephanie Curran
  • Lighting / Sound - Stephanie Curran
  • Costumes - Sandra Mills
  • Props - Howard Cheeseman & Mike O'Keefe
  • Publicity - Shirley Sellars
  • Poster Design - David Sturge