A Wedding to Die For – Dinner Theatre
Adapted by Louise Kearley from the play Marriage by Murder by Lisa Hurd

Performance: November 3, 2017 - Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, Conception Bay South

Past Commodore's Night Dinner

Greetings! Family and friends have gathered together to celebrate the nuptials of Rosalind Garner and Allen Downton with a wedding reception you will never forget. The evening quickly turns into a night of mystery – leaving one of the guests murdered!

Whodunnit? The jealous woman who hates her ex-husband's new fiancé? The bride who is worried about being cut from her father's will? The groom who is embezzling from his father in-law's business? The bride's maid who has a dark secret? Or is someone else the guilty party?

Pay attention throughout the reception as clues & motives are be revealed … you and your friends are left to solve the crime!

  • The Wedding Party
  • Rosalind Garner (Bride) - Sabrina Roberts
  • Alan Downton (Groom) - Chris Bishop
  • David Garner (Father) - Steve Gosse
  • Heloise Frampton (Mother) - Bridget Russell
  • Margaret Fairweather (Fiancé) - Sandra Mills
  • Cliff Downton (Brother & Best Man) - Sean Collins
  • Claire Martin (Maid of Honor) - Lauren Andrews
  • Special Guests
  • Evening Telegram Society Reporter - Melissa Ralph
  • Evening Telegram Photographer - Kathryn Burke
  • Wedding Crew
  • Director - Louise Kearley
  • Stage Manager - Sarah-Beth Cormier
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Justin Sellars
  • Photographer - Mike O'Keefe