Murder At Witt's Inn – Dinner Theatre
by Terri Andrews

Performance: October 12, 2018 - Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, Conception Bay South

Past Commodore's Night Dinner

Welcome to Witt's Inn! Family and friends have gathered at the home of Gwendolyn Witt for and evening of music, fun and frivolity. It is a night you will never forget as the evening quickly turns into a night of mystery – leaving Gwendolyn's son Winslow Jr. murdered!

Whodunnit? The uncle who was about to lose everything? The butler protecting the honour of his sister? The voodoo priestess who was a woman scorned? The maid who has a dark secret? Or someone else the guilty party?

Pay attention throughout the reception as clues and motives will be revealed and you and your friends are left to solve the crime!

  • Gwendolyn Witt - Beth Sparkes
  • Winslow Witt Jr. - Michael Monachese
  • Waldorf Witt- David Hallett
  • Vicar Farley Fogwell - Roger Mason
  • Beatrice Fogwell - Catherine Mason
  • Damien Wyckham - John Fowler
  • Zelda Wyckham - Melissa Ralph
  • Lillian Walters - Michelle Williams
  • Rajesh Singh - Justin A. Foley
  • Meredith Graham - Karen Monie
  • Juliette Porter - Abby Martin
  • Director - Louise Kearley
  • Stage Manager - Meghan Keating
  • Costumes - Meghan Keating, Katelyn Hoyles & Lindsey Peddle
  • Sound - Kate Stenson
  • Props - Mike O'Keefe