The Christmas Spirit by Frederick Stroppel

Performance: December 5-8, 2018 - Arts & Culture Centre - Barbara Barrett Basement Theatre

'The Christmas Spirit' is a clever retelling of the 1934 movie 'Death Takes A Holiday.' It's early Christmas morning and Death has come to take Julia Dowling to the promised land but she's not ready to go yet! She talks him into giving her more time and invites him to Christmas dinner, something she hasn't done in years. Now she has to organize a Christmas celebration straight out of “It's A Wonderful Life.” She has to round up her estranged family, cook a traditional dinner and hopefully sway Death from taking her. The next day the house fills with bickering relatives, friends, the local priest - and Death, masquerading as human, singing carols and drinking eggnog. As the day progresses, old resentments surface, new connections are made, and everyone, even Death, feels the magic of the Christmas spirit. In turns hilarious, tragic and deeply poignant, Frederick Stroppel's “The Christmas Spirit” is a touching look at the things that really make life worth living.

  • Julia Dowling - Susan Bonnell
  • Death - Sean Collins
  • Beth Dowling - Abra Whitney
  • Aunt Rosemary - Fiona Andersen
  • Uncle Bernie - Steven Gosse
  • Paul Dowling - James LeBlanc
  • Melissa Rosen - Maddy Mant
  • Father John Brennan - Justin Peddle
  • Matthew Harris - Jody Rideout
  • Director - Louise Kearley
  • Stage Manager - Sandra Mills
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Meghan Keating
  • Lighting - Michael Monachese
  • Sound - Meghan Keating
  • Costumes - Jackie Hibbs
  • Props - Howard Cheeseman & Michael O'Keefe
  • Set Decoration - Janet O'Reilly
  • Set Construction - Freeman Mercer
  • Publicity - Shirley Sellars
  • Poster Design - David Sturge